April 17, 2012

Perfect Spring Weather

So Kansas has been having some CRAZY weather and let me emphasis CRAZY one more time.  lucky all the tornados and hail went around me as if god literally pushed the clouds around me, and I'm 100% okay with that!

Today though was B.E.A.U.TIFUL. it was around 70 degrees all day which is my favorite weather to dress for.  I can wear a skirt or shorts and a long sleeve top, or a tank and jeans with a blazer the possibilities are ENDLESSSSSSS and it couldn't make me happier

//zara skirt//Jcrew belt//gap shirt//jcrew flats// and a pinterest inspired necklace I made
...sorry the quality isn't the best I took them on my iphone4s and had trouble getting a good angle and hitting the button lol
Here is a close-up on my pinterest inspired necklace.  It cost around 4 dollars to make and I have left overs to make another with bigger washers.  If you want to try look up washer necklaces on

...and a little treat another drawing I was working that I finished... iv been practicing really hard to get better at drawing and I'm finally starting to see a lot of improvement least I'm not embarrassed to show them to people now hahaha but really!!!

Anne Kimberly

April 11, 2012


hey Happy Easter a few days late haha but life has been busy.  I have started working out hardcore its been almost two full weeks and they say you can't see muscle definition or hug change until about six weeks SO i just keep reminding myself its worth it and once you have see it working it will REALLLLLLY be worth it!!!!  too encourage myself to work out I took a little trip to lulu lemons and bought some cute work out tops and pants so that at least while I'm in pain I will be looking good hahaha

Anywho I had easter with my Mom and my Aunts family.  My brother had to work he is an EMT so his work hours are crazy, and my father changed jobs and states so he had to already be down there working so it was a family all over the place for easter.  My Aunt is my moms sister and she has two boys who are hilarious and my uncle is hilarious too, so this is how this picture came about.  I just want to inform you that the hat is not mine or anyones I'm with they would it in a closet and made me wear it....crazy family!

I loved my easter outfit thought,  I wore a yellow blazer from ZARA, with a white silk blouse from JCREW, a Chanel purse, a Chanel broach, J brand jeans and adorable black heels.  I know wish I would have take a full on picture but I totally forgot in the family craziness!

March 27, 2012

Traveling to New York

So its back to school sadly on this rainy day I decided to wear a skirt and my Hunter green Hunter boots.  I took a picture of my outfit on my iPhone its a bit blurry (I have a shacky hand) but you get the idea, I now have a tripod so I will eventually try to figure that out! lol

 So I was in New York for spring break with the family looking at the GIA school that I will be attending in september!!!  It was so nice and I just can't wait to start school and be in NewYork, its my kind of city where you can wear a dress and no one asks why you are so dressed up. I did a little shopping at Zara and got a beautiful yellow jacket and a yellow lace skirt.
I also got to visit my good friend Kelci, we went out to dinner at this trendy little restaurant called Jane near Greenwich
The Trip was really a blast it was my mother and brothers first time to New York City so I got to show them around all the areas.  We walked the high line and then went to Greenwich village to get cupcakes from Magnolias.  They were just as amazing as I remembered!!! 
Then we walked to the East Village and had some Crifdogs a small bar like place that serves some dang good hotdogs( the boys loved it) and then we walked to Gramercy and showed the family the area that we will be looking for my apartment in.  

While in New York I spotted some cute spring fashion and was a total paparazzi and snapped pictures...
has to be J.Crew

colorful sitter in the park
and of course the cute moms of NY taking a walk in CP

My mother and I also went to the Met and I saw this beautiful silver creation.  I would just die to have this in my house but the amount of silver used in this and the time to make it...its priceless or at least way more than I will ever have :) 

Overall the trip was really fun and just made me that much more excited to be moving in July and to start school at GIA in September!  

Anne Kimberly

March 14, 2012


So I have been MIA for the last week or so.  I went to visit my Great Aunt (who has stomach cancer and lives in Oregon) over the weekend and she does not have internet, she is amazing and I wish I could do more for her but I did introduce her to this nail polish :) Glitzerland by OPI ...The fashionista's way to help someone feel better!!!  She was basically my grandma because both mine died before I was born and she was my grandpa's sister So I love her very much, and visited her almost every summer when I was younger.

She is amazing and still loves fashion she was showing me the fashion she liked in the newest magazines and that she LOVES that bright yellow that is being used in everything!  One of my favorites is this yellow Helmut Lang dress ...

I also got her to buy this lovely white button up linen shirt from Jcrew which is only in the stores because I cannot find it online.  I am so glad to be at an age where we can exchange clothing ideas, unlike my young years when I had every color of old navy flip flop to match my tank tops(I was a styling child) haha

I also found that my favorite traveling clothing's are Victoria secrets yoga fold over leggings, they are so comfy and still give you some style.  I wore mine with my new Frye Melissa button up boots in dark brown <3 so comfortable! Which was nice because I had to RUNNN to catch my second flight and barely made it..I think I almost took down a few people and I definitely saw someone laugh at me when I said out loud "How far could gate 48 actually BE" haha I wasn't panicked at allll

But I had a great trip and and am so glad to have spend time with my Great Aunt!!!  Also Tell me what you might wear on a plane I'm always curious for new outfits that are still comfortable?!?!?!

Anne Kimberly

March 1, 2012

Sick week buying frenzy

So, I have been sick this past week and thought why not do some online shopping to make me feel better and poorer..... but we will only focus on the feeling better part right now...ha

I bought some new J brand Jeans the 811 mid rise skinny jeans from shopbop.  I already own them in red and light pink and the fit is to die for.  I always have a hard time finding jeans because I'm extremely high waisted and have longer legs so the fit of jeans sometimes can cut into me and not be comfortable but J brand always fits me perfectly!

I then proceeded to purchase items from ZARA, which is a dangerous store because it makes such adorable cloths that are pretty reasonable in price, which temps me to buy!  I ordered the leather jacket with studs and a cute little dress in the color to have for spring...SEAFOAM.

And the last purchase which after all these my bank account is kicking me and crying.. I bought an adorable sea foam green chiffon pleated tank from piperlime.  It is so adorable I cannot wait to show you guys my new purchases.  It will be my VERY FIRST clothing post and I am extremely excited!!!

I also will show you some of my favorite winter coats that are fashionable because sooner than later I will have to put them away once again, so I thought why not give them one last "night out" and show them off!!! I also wanted to show you guys some nicer ways than the puffer jacket to stay warm!!!

Talk to you soon!
                     Anne Kimberly

February 23, 2012

the second attempt-Drawing

SO I was at Hobby Lobby and saw a drawing book that was actually filled with good information.  It is called secrets to drawing realistic faces by Carrie Stuart Parks and it is amazing just look at the difference between these two drawing of the same image.....
First attempt

second attempt - positioning the features
Second attempt after iv started the hair and the face- 5 hrs in still needs more work but I needed a break!

February 22, 2012

Drawing Bliss

The more I draw the Better I will get thats what I keep telling myself... I will have to post my first facial this is improvement just not quiet where I want to be. 

Drew this in Korea, I really like it 
This is for my drawing class..this is drawn from a bellini christ painting I chose that we had to take and change.  So I set him in a lazy boy chair because after you have been staked I think you deserve a comfy chair....